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California State University, Fullerton, WHRC 2007 Conference Host

California State University, Fullerton

Northern Arizona University, WHRC 2008, 2013 Conference Host

Northern Arizona University

Washington State University,WHRC 2009 Conference Host

Washington State University

University of Wyoming, WHRC 2010 Conference Host

University of Wyoming

University Of Utah, WHRC 2011 Conference Host

University Of Utah

University of New Mexico,WHRC 2012 Conference Host

University of New Mexico

Metropolitan State University of Denver, WHRC 2014 Conference Host

Metropolitan State University of Denver

University of Nevada, Reno, WHRC 2015 Conference Host

University of Nevada, Reno
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The Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC) is a professional organization of faculty, administrators, and students dedicated to the promotion and advancement of undergraduate honors education. The WRHC represents honors programs in universities and colleges across the Western Region through an annual conference, through regular newsletters and email communication, and through two business meetings, one held in the spring at the annual conference and one held at the NCHC annual conference.

Through sharing information about honors programs and best honors practices region-wide, the WRHC hopes to create an intellectual, programmatic, and administrative network of resources aimed at helping the region's honors programs grow and thrive.

To become a member, please contact the current Executive Secretary/Treasurer (see the Officers link in the sidebar). The annual dues are $75 per institution.

Current News:

WRHC Conference - 2015

"Prospecting for Knowledge"
42nd Annual Western Regional Honors Conference
University of Nevada, Reno, April 10-12, 2015

Click for Conference Information (

Democracy Project!

The Honors College students at Southern Oregon University are undertaking an initiative called "THE DEMOCRACY PROJECT," and they would like to invite your Honors students (and faculty) to participate with them in a trip this September to India. The Democracy Project (DP) is a comprehensive examination of democracy around the world in the twenty-first century. Some of the issues the SOU students will study include the historical evolution of democracy, sovereignty, nationalism, citizenship, feminism, patriotism, imperialism, freedom, liberty, security, and equality. In the first phase of the Democracy Project, DP participants will examine the writings of Thomas Jefferson, Alexis De Tocqueville, and Mohandas Gandhi, among others, to see how concepts and applications of democratic principles have influenced societies around the world, focusing initially on democracy in the United States and India. In later phases, DP participants will expand their focus to include other nations such as South Africa and Sweden. The trip to India will last for twelve days, in September 2015, and will include a variety of "democracy focused" activities, in New Delhi and Bangalore. For more information or to request a trip itinerary, please contact Dr. Ken Mulliken at