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October 29, 2010

Dear WRHC members,

This newsletter contains the minutes from the most recent WRHC business meeting, held in Kansas City, MO, as part of the NCHC conference, Oct. 22, 2010. Briefly, I would like to draw your attention to item number 5 (regarding the 2011 conference, the website for which will be up and running soon; stay tuned) and item number 12 (regarding ways to take the WRHC forward in new directions).

Concerning item number 12 especially, please keep an eye open for additional emails from me, soliciting the following information from you:

  1. Best practices in Honors teaching and administration;
  2. Kudos for Honors students in your program and pictures of Honors students "in action," in addition to recent work done by HSOs (Honors Student Organizations);
  3. Updates from Honors programs region-wide, and updates from state-wide Honors councils;
  4. Any upcoming Call for Papers/Proposals linked to local or regional Honors conferences or student symposia which you are opening to other students in addition to your own.

I thank you in advance for helping me "grow" the organization in so many productive ways; please do send me as much information as you can about your programs' successes, aspirations, plans, and events. I will be contacting all of you via email shortly.

We now have over 100 members! I look forward to talking with you in subsequent meetings and conferences.

Best wishes,
Anne Scott
Executive Treasurer and Secretary, WRHC

  1. Meeting started at 8:07am. (Duncan Harris)
  2. Motion to pass minutes from last business meeting; seconded; motion passed.
  3. Update given about WRHC finances (Scott). Organization benefited from nearly 8000 dollars in proceeds from the 2010 conference in Wyoming (coordinated by Duncan Harris). Scott reminded members that dues will now be 75 dollars per year.
  4. Harris gave a review of the 2010 conference, stating that the conference had approximately 200 in attendance, approx. 130 of whom were student presenters. Scott mentioned that the 2009 conference had 300 registrants, most of whom were students.
  5. Update about 2011 WRHC conference, to be held in Park City, Utah. (Thomas Richmond, Univ. of Utah)
    • spring skiing will still be available.
    • Dr. Baldomero "Toto" Olivera, a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Utah, will speak on collaboration in the sciences.
    • There will be a City as Text event.
    • Website for the conference is almost up and running.
    • Site:
    • Shuttle busses will cost around 30 dollars round trip (Richmond will check on this price).
    • Conference coordinator (Martha Bradley) will need to inform WRHC soon about the amount that registration will cost, so that WRHC members can approve this amount.
    • The Deadline for call for proposals will be Jan 7, with a second deadline for late proposals one month later in February. CFP will be posted on their website soon.
    • Martha Bradley (conference coordinator for the 2011 conference in Utah) et al. have been encouraged to create conference "strands" of papers/presentations, so as to prevent too much overlap of presentations.
    • A question was raised about what kinds of proposals will be accepted.
    • A question was raised about how long the presentations should be. (25/50 minutes).
    • Anne Scott (Northern Arizona Univ.) encouraged directors/coordinators to run workshops with students to prepare them for good presentations.
    • Susan Jacobsen (Fullerton) reminded participants that the conference welcomes freshmen through senior presenters.
    • Judy Elsey wanted a copy of poster guidelines to give her students.
  6. 6. Scribendi:: student executive board passed around flyers for the deadlines for Scribendi submissions. The students stressed the two new categories (music/film) that have been added to the list of potential submissions. Nov. 8 is the next deadline to receive submissions for Scribendi. Scott reminded meeting attendees that that Scribendi winners will have their conference fees waived. Those students who are published in Scribendi but are not winners will not have fees waived for the conference. There are currently 400 submissions so far. (Rosalie Otero, Univ. of New Mexico)
  7. 012 Conference: Otero says that UNM will host the conference for 2012. No further plans have been made for the conference yet, since Otero is on sabbatical.
  8. Call for 2013 Conference host put to participants. No volunteers yet.
  9. Brad Stone (Loyola Marymount) asked whether So Cal has hosted a conference recently; he was concerned about costs to host conference in L.A. Jacobsen reminded Stone that WRHC conference was recently hosted in So Cal but that it was expensive.
  10. Arthur Sacks (Colorado School of Mines), not yet a member of the WRHC, notified the WRHC members of a director position opening at Mines, associate professor level. He handed out a flyer to post on WRHC website. Alison Primoza (San Diego CC District) reminded members that the WRHC website has posted such job announcements in the past.
  11. Other new/potential member: Dr. Savu (I believe from the College of Marshall Islands)
  12. Scott introduced a discussion topic focusing on how the WRHC might grow in subsequent years.
    • Suggestion made to connect Honors students from one institution with students at other institutions through common activities (similar to the activities connecting Udall scholarship students).
    • Suggestion made to encourage students to attend other Honors Program symposia and conferences. (Scott)
    • Suggestion to create a FACEBOOK link (Jim McKusack,Montana).
    • Suggestion to push for collaboration among institutions through advertisements on website (Susan Johnson)
    • Ginny Atkinson (Cochise, Arizona) wants a list published on the website of potential activites/events that would invite collaboration among honors students regionally.
    • Primoza discussed the "Volunteer Dan Diego" program and how it might serve as a model for service learning collaboration among WRHC honors students.
    • Stone discussed the collaboration among faculty/students through the association of Jesuit colleges and universities.
    • Members agreed that a one-year-long service learning project for WRHC students may give them a chance to collaborate in good ways.
    • Scott said that the yearly project could be announced at the annual conference, where recruiting would take place, too.
    • Richard Badenhausen (Westminster, Utah) recommended that there be a standing round table at the next WRHC conference, where this idea could be brainstormed by his (and other) students and then taken forward for the next year.
    • Rick Vaughan?? Contact him.
    • Niall McCarthy (South Mountain CC, Arizona) recommended tapping into existing Americorps activities for students' service/learning projects.
    • Others recommended that WRHC website be used to link to news from HSO organizations, to post pictures, to post program updates and re-designs and best practices in teaching honors.
    • Scott suggested that website be updated with information about others' Honors programs.
    • Another suggestion made to include a link to various programs' Honors Student Organizations (HSOs).
    • Scott suggested having a photo gallery of pictures taken of Honors students in action.
    • Another suggestion made to include information about state-wide honors councils on the WRHC website. Currently California has three such state groups, Montana has one group, and Arizona has one group (called the Arizona Honors council). (Jennifer Lane, Maricopa, Arizona)
    • Suggestion made to post CPFs on the WRHC website, too.
  13. Meeting adjourned at 9:05.