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When: Honors Week, April 28, 2012, Saturday, 9:00am-5:00pm
Where: Du Bois Center, South Campus, NAU
What: The Honors Symposium is an important annual event that showcases the best scholarly and creative work of our Honors students, freshmen through seniors. It is a cross-disciplinary conference that welcomes papers, presentations (poster-board, computer-aided, multi-media), and productions from all NAU Honors students on a wide variety of subjects, in a wide variety of formats. We also welcome the participation of students from other Honors programs/colleges in Arizona! We have expanded the forum so that presentations may now include (but are not limited to)

  • Papers written for any HON 190/29X class;
  • Papers written for any cross-listed (co-convened) Honors class;
  • Papers written for any dedicated HON class;
  • Papers written for any NAU class (or, if you are not from NAU, then any papers written for any class);
  • Creative work (fiction, poetry) written for a class or for other purposes;
  • Presentations of scientific studies, lab work, etc.;
  • Term-abroad or international studies experiences;
  • Papers or presentations on completed or in-process internships;
  • Papers or presentations on completed or in-process independent studies, independent research, and/or fieldwork experiences;
  • Papers or presentations on completed or in-process research for any class;
  • Presentations or displays of art work created for a particular class;
  • Dramatic or musical performances; AND
  • Papers and presentations from any Arizona Honors students.

ASSISTANCE: Before the symposium, All NAU presenters will be paired with first-year students from NAU who will act as peer reviewers, pre-audience members, and "helpers" so that presenters will become comfortable reading their papers out loud and sharing their work with others in a public forum. We will conduct two workshops that will help you prepare for your presentations. Your teachers will also work closely with you. If you are not an NAU student, then please work with a favorite teacher, mentor, or peer to help you polish your paper or presentation prior to your arrival at the Symposium.

PARTICIPATION: In years past, the Symposium has been met with great success, and it has been well-attended by Honors students and their friends, faculty, administrators, and family members. Our last event included nearly 75 presentations, including Honors students from other Arizona institutions! We want you to participate in this wonderful event, and we will help you do this successfully.


  1. Locate your best work from this past semester or track down a favorite paper or project from a previous semester;
  2. be on the lookout for symposium reminders in January;
  3. submit electronically your proposal (250 words) or completed paper to Dr. Anne Scott ( or to one of your Honors professors, who will then forward the proposal to us; and
  4. meet with a professor to discuss your symposium plans at your earliest convenience.

KEEP IN MIND: Presentations are usually no longer than 15 minutes (this translates to approx. 7pp. of double-spaced writing). You will be grouped with other presenters whose topics are similar to your own. Although the Symposium runs from 9am to 5pm, your own session of papers will last around 60-75 minutes, total. And don’t forget: creative submissions, including creative writing, dramatic performances, music, art, study abroad presentations, and photo-journalism are all welcome too.


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next NAU Honors Symposium! Email me or talk to one of your instructors if you have any questions!

Anne Scott, Writing and Academic Enhancement Coordinator, Honors Program, NAU,, 928-523-2441